Studying the past to learn new things

Studying the past to learn new things

We feel it is the most meaningful word when considering hydraulic technology.

Old,but latest technology
Old,but latest technology

More than 300 years have passed since it was formulated by Pascal (1623~1662), a French, as Pascal’s theorem in the middle of 17th century, but hydraulic technology is still used in a wide range of areas from the latest jetliners to automobiles we are familiar with.

High reliability
High reliability

In the cases above, hydraulic technology is used in the control system, brakes, etc. where the highest priority is placed on reliability, and it shows high reliability of hydraulic technology.
In case of automobiles, hydraulic technology is used mainly in the power steering and the brake, and they are also the important safety parts, which are not allowed to fail. No one wants to drive a car whose brake does not work once in 10 thousand times or a car whose handle does not work.

Economic rationality
Economic rationality

However, it would not be as popular as it is now if its feature is only the high reliability. Hydraulic systems are compact and lightweight, and their cost is relatively low, and such economic rationality as well as high reliability is the reason it is adopted in such a lot of areas.

Characteristics of fluid
Characteristics of fluid

Then, why does hydraulic systems have such competitiveness? The basic reason is the superior characteristics of fluid in a normal condition.
There are three stats of matter, gas, liquid, and solid. Gas can pass through complicated route (such as piping) since it can change its form according to the shape of the container. However, it is compressed and the volume changes when pressure is applied, and the form of energy changes (the volume decreases and the pressure increases).
Since the volume of a solid does not change even when pressure is applied, and the form of energy does not change. However, since the shape does not change, it cannot pass through complicated route (such as piping).
Liquid can pass complicated route (e.g. piping) as gas, and the volume does not change when pressure is applied as a solid. Therefore, it has both good factors of gas and a solid, and it can transmit energy effectively through a complicated route (e.g. piping) without changing the form of energy.


The hydraulic press is a press which realizes high economic rationality that the device is compact and lightweight at a relatively low cost as well as the high reliability required of machinery and equipment by the hydraulic devices which makes the most of such characteristics of liquid.
SANKI SEIKO provides various high-performance hydraulic presses which optimally fuse the sophisticated hydraulic technology which has been accumulated by untiring technical development since the foundation of the company and the latest electronic technology.
From die spotting presses for die matching to high-performance presses for mass production, Sanki Seiko's various hydraulic presses meet a wide range of needs and are sure to help improve the efficiency of your production processes.

High work efficiency produced by high performance
01High rigidity of the frame

Rolled steel for mechanical structure is used for all of the head, the slide, the upright, and the crown which are main components of the hydraulic press, and highly-rigid box-type weld structure is adopted. High rigidity is realized by adequately considering the number of ribs used in the structure, the thickness, the height and the arrangement as well as using the steel with adequate thickness for those main parts.

High rigidity of the frame
02Countermeasures against oil leakage

Shock-prevention measures are taken for the hydraulic circuit, and manifold blocking is implemented in the main hydraulic circuit to substantially reduce occurrence of oil leakage which is the weakest point of the hydraulic press.

Countermeasures against oil leakage
03High operability

Creep-speed descend/ascend, high-speed descend/ascend, emergency stop etc. are accurately and speedily operated. All normal operation switches are located on the operation panel on the right side of the press, and each switch is arranged considering the function, and no special training etc. is required for operation.

High operability
04Quiet operating sound

The low-noise design significantly reduces the noise and the vibration which tend to occur with the hydraulic devices. The fatigue of workers caused by noise is reduced, and our original hydraulic circuit design realizes high power with a small pump. The development technology for labor saving and improvement of efficiency is utilized in many places.

Quiet operating sound